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  • Happy New Year!
    Happy New Year!

    Just 364 days ago (give or take a few) we were making resolutions for 2013. Data shows that within three or four months, over 65% of us have already broken our resolutions. And a mere 15% of us will ...

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  • Happy Holidays
    Happy Holidays

    As the holiday season draws nearer, and especially since this year Thanksgiving and Christmas fall so close together, we encourage our patients to slow down just a little, determine what is really ...

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  • Best Sleeping Position For Spinal Health
    Best Sleeping Position For Spinal Health

    Never underestimate the value of a good night’s sleep! The support of our mattress, the type of pillow we use, the ambient temperature of our bedroom is all crucial in ensuring we rest comfortably. ...

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  • Chiropractic Care & TMJ Dysfunction
    Chiropractic Care & TMJ Dysfunction

    Are you experiencing headaches, ringing in the ears, difficulty chewing, or sinus congestion and ear infections? Then there’s a chance that your temporal-mandibular joint (TMJ)—where your jaw makes ...

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  • Staying In Shape Over The Holidays
    Staying In Shape Over The Holidays

    Staying fit and healthy over the holidays is possible! Even cold weather and a packed social calendar does not faze our professional staff—we know that our physical medicine care guarantees patients ...

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  • It’s Healthy To Be Thankful
    It’s Healthy To Be Thankful

    At our clinic, we are thankful for health and well-being, and the knowledge and skill to care for our patients naturally. We rest assured knowing that the physical medicine treatments we provide are ...

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