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Spinal stenosis is best described as a narrowing of the spine, and most often affects patients as they age. Platinum Healthcare offers spinal stenosis patients in the Sarasota area effective, non-invasive treatments. After a thorough evaluation and diagnosis, our physical medicine professionals may recommend a treatment plan that includes muscle strengthening and flexibility, exercise therapy, and non-surgical spinal rejuvenation.

Patients diagnosed with spinal stenosis experience a variety of uncomfortable, debilitating symptoms:

  • Muscle Weakness (arms, legs, neck, back, shoulder)
  • Muscle Atrophy
  • Numbness / Tingling (neck, back, shoulder)
  • Pinched or pressed spinal cord nerves

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What You Should Know About Spinal Stenosis

The spinal canal is the opening inside the vertebrae that contains the spinal cord. It is not unusual for the spinal canal to narrow down with age, as wear and tear and conditions like osteoarthritis take their toll on the body. Pain caused by narrowing of the spinal canal is known as spinal stenosis. There is no cure for spinal stenosis at this time, but there are ways to relieve the damage it’s already caused and prevent it from getting worse.

As the spinal canal narrows, it puts pressure on the nerves in the spinal cord. This results in painful, tingling sensations in the back that can radiate down the arms and legs.

Risk factors for spinal stenosis include:

  • Age, spinal stenosis usually occurs in patients over 50
  • Sex, spinal stenosis is more common in women
  • Previous injuries to the spine
  • A family history of spinal stenosis
  • Osteoarthritis

Narrowing of the spinal canal does not always cause painful symptoms. Therefore, medical professionals typically only diagnose spinal stenosis if a patient is experienced painful or uncomfortable symptoms as a result of narrowing in the spinal canal.

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