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  • Your Pain Is Aging You
    Your Pain Is Aging You

    “Researchers at Northwestern University in Chicago have discovered that patients suffering from Chronic Back Pain lose grey matter in their brain. A study of 26 long-suffering patients found that the ...

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  • Pain Management Without Drugs
    Pain Management Without Drugs

    With the overwhelming number of American taking narcotics on a daily basis to manage painful symptoms, it is no wonder that many folks are seeking help from physical medicine clinics. Physical ...

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  • Wrist Pain & Neck Pain
    Wrist Pain & Neck Pain

    Patients are stunned when, after telling us about their wrist pain, we begin by questioning them about neck pain they may be having. Often they admit that their neck has been a bit sore… but how is ...

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  • Migraines Treated With Physical Medicine
    Migraines Treated With Physical Medicine

    Debilitating migraine headaches affect so many of our patients, and we are pleased that our physical medicine clinic offers drug-free, effective techniques to alleviate this chronic condition. Many ...

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