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It’s Healthy To Be Thankful


At our clinic, we are thankful for health and well-being, and the knowledge and skill to care for our patients naturally. We rest assured knowing that the physical medicine treatments we provide are safe, gentle, and promote good health. We all agree that our interactions with our patients and the relationships we have created through our practice are fulfilling beyond measure. Every day we know that we are caring for the folks in our community, and watching patients heal and progress through our physical medicine treatments makes each day important.  

Numerous studies show that thankfulness increases a person’s physical and mental health. How so? Improved psychological health means patients are more likely to engage in physical activity, which leads to improved strength, muscle tone, flexibility and cardiovascular health. Patients who are in tune with their mental and physical well-being, and who have a positive attitude regarding health and fitness, are more apt to seek medical care (when needed), and are less likely to engage in self-destructive behaviors.

Our clinic concentrates not only on alleviating a patient’s immediate pain symptoms, but we set as a goal maintaining working relationships with our patients. Once a patient is pain free, there are a number of beneficial physical medicine techniques we provide that can prevent future injury and illness. Routine chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, and physical therapy sessions all work to maintain a patient’s spine and nervous system health. We strive to create a healthy cycle for our patients: a life free from pain means more physical activity, which means better overall health!

Given the current season, we thought it would be helpful to share with you specific health benefits folks experience as a result of being thankful. Thankfulness is shown to:

  • Boost the immune system
  • Allow people to cope better with stress
  • Offer a better night’s sleep
  • Increase energy levels
  • Improve a person’s willingness to exercise
  • Reduce a patient’s risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Diminish the chance of depression

We feel there are a few more we could add to the list, since we believe that a feeling of thankfulness for our patients benefits our staff. We are thankful that our patients:

  • Allow us to delve into new opportunities for holistic healing
  • Inspire us with their courage
  • Push us to keep learning
  • Challenge us each day to provide the best care that we can

Our clinic has plenty to be thankful for and you—our patients—top the list!

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