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  • Your Pain Is Aging You
    Your Pain Is Aging You

    “Researchers at Northwestern University in Chicago have discovered that patients suffering from Chronic Back Pain lose grey matter in their brain. A study of 26 long-suffering patients found that the ...

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  • Chiropractic Care For Athletes
    Chiropractic Care For Athletes

    Athletes who receive regular chiropractic care have a leg up on the competition! Whether you consider your self an elite athlete, or relate more with those of us who enjoy exercise and working our ...

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  • Pain Management Without Drugs
    Pain Management Without Drugs

    With the overwhelming number of American taking narcotics on a daily basis to manage painful symptoms, it is no wonder that many folks are seeking help from physical medicine clinics. Physical ...

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  • Back Pain Prevention
    Back Pain Prevention

    Each year, over 20 million Americans seek non-surgical, medication-free back pain relief. With so many back pain sufferers wanting non-traditional forms of care, it is not surprising that most ...

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  • Start The New Year On A Healthy Track
    Start The New Year On A Healthy Track

    There is one thing most folks plan on gaining every holiday season: a few extra pounds! We tend to overindulge this time of year, particularly when it comes to what we eat. For most, Halloween through ...

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  • Cheers To A New Year And A New You
    Cheers To A New Year And A New You

    If you experience chronic painful conditions and have considered seeking the care of a physical medicine professional, then there is no time like the present to visit our clinic. If you make no other ...

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