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Staying In Shape Over The Holidays


Staying fit and healthy over the holidays is possible! Even cold weather and a packed social calendar does not faze our professional staff—we know that our physical medicine care guarantees patients have the tools they need for whole body well-being. Our professionals can help you stay motivated to continue your active lifestyle, and will improve your immune system to make sure illness does not slow you down.

Physical medicine treatments are great stress relievers, which most of us can use this time of year! Stress—whether good or bad—weakens the immune system and puts folks at risk for illness. Maintaining routine care during the holiday season will help your body stay balanced, and your stress to a minimum, all adding to a more enjoyable holiday season.

To remain active and prevent injury in chilly weather, we can provide treatments that will keep your soft tissue and joints supple. Physical medicine techniques work in tandem to keep your muscles, joints, and spine flexible and in alignment. To maintain a healthy weight, our staff can also recommend effective exercises that can be performed indoors and in small spaces (for when you’re traveling).

It is tempting to indulge in holiday food this time of year, and our trained staff can work with you to put together a nutrition plan that will allow you to enjoy the festive goodies, but within a structure that will help you not gain unhealthy weight. Our professionals make it easier to keep enjoy the holiday fare without feeling deprived.

Through chiropractic adjustments, proper spinal alignment ensures that the nervous system is in communication with the rest of your body, guaranteeing that your immune system has the information it needs to attack and kill invasive microorganisms. Continuing your normal level of physical activity, sticking to a nutrition plan that indulges just enough, and taking care of your central nervous system is a recipe for an enjoyable holiday season.

Your quality of life is just as important in the new year, so let our physical medicine professionals provide you the tools you need to stay in shape and stay healthy well into 2014.

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