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Chiropractic Care For Your Immune Health


With every holiday season our patients seem to get busier, and the many activities that they do this time of year appear to make them more susceptible to catching a cold or the flu! There are often changes in diet, more travel, less sleep—all events that compromise the immune system and leave patients vulnerable to illness. As cold and flu season approaches, many folks begin taking measures to avoid getting sick and often begin searching for alternative methods to prevent illness. At our clinic, we offer a number of physical medicine techniques that can help boost your immune system and increase your chance of remaining healthy. The benefits of chiropractic care, a leading physical medicine treatment, are abundant… and are also non-invasive, natural, and effectual! 

When you are exposed to viruses or bacteria, your brain and your nervous system begin communicating as to how best to fight off the germs. This communication triggers your immune system to begin protecting your body. If your nervous system is not functioning at its best, then your body’s immune system does not receive the information it needs to defend itself against illness.

Chiropractic care ensures that the communication between your nervous system, your brain and your body is at its best. Gentle manipulations to your neck and spine help to realign vertebrae, relieve tension and loosen soft tissues—ultimately relaxing the nervous system. A healthy nervous system ensures that your body receives the messages it needs and that the immune system functions most effectively.

In addition to promoting a healthy nervous system, studies show that there is an increase in a person’s white blood cell count immediately following a chiropractic adjustment. White blood cells are crucial to a person staying healthy, since they fight against infection by destroying invasive microorganisms. In addition, chiropractic manipulations are known to increase certain antibodies in the body, providing a faster immune response to invasive bacteria and virus.

With improved spine and neck positioning, patients also experience improved sleep, another key factor in remaining healthy. Sleep provides your immune system the time it needs to circulate new cells, and your body the chance to build new white blood cells.

Our physical medicine professionals are ready to help you fight against cold and flu germs so that you can enjoy this season to the fullest!

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