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Happy New Year!


Just 364 days ago (give or take a few) we were making resolutions for 2013. Data shows that within three or four months, over 65% of us have already broken our resolutions. And a mere 15% of us will manage to keep our resolution through the entire year. These stats beg the question, “Is it even worth it?”

Well, yes. Goal-setting sets folks up for success. The exercise of brainstorming and establishing objectives provides structure and vision, necessary for reaching long-range goals. But we’d like to simplify the process for you to make sure the goals you do set get done!!

Our first simple goal: live a healthy lifestyle. Begin the year with a thorough check-up with our physical medicine professionals. We can help you identify any health concerns you may have, and will work with you to establish health and fitness goals. Our approach to whole-body health means that, from head to toe, we have the skills and knowledge to help you achieve total well-being.

Second, continue moving. Folks tend to slow down during the colder months, and are less likely to get outside and move. Unfortunately, this increases folks’ chances of gaining weight and getting sick. By resolving to add more movement to your day, you increase your chances of staying healthy. There are some simple things you can do to step up your activity: 1) Take the stairs, 2) Park further away from the store entrance and walk, 3) Crank up the holiday music and dance, and 4) When on the job, eat lunch a little quicker than usual and take a stroll before returning to work.

And third, get a good night’s sleep. Sleep provides your immune system a chance to recharge, makes you more apt to make healthy food choices, and gives you the energy you need to exercise!  A restful night’s sleep will boost your daily productivity… giving you a leg up on keeping and meeting your resolutions!

These three straightforward, basic resolutions can have year-long and life-long benefits. To learn more about how our clinic can meet your physical medicine needs, contact our office today to schedule a free consultation. Happy New Year!

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