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Back Pain Prevention


Each year, over 20 million Americans seek non-surgical, medication-free back pain relief. With so many back pain sufferers wanting non-traditional forms of care, it is not surprising that most patients are seeking the advice and expertise of physical medicine specialists.  Physical medicine techniques offer safe, natural, effective treatments for managing back pain and maintaining a healthy back.

Our clinic treats patients with back pain on a daily basis. Our patients’ reasons for back pain are numerous: some were injured in an auto accident, others have sustained trauma from a spots injury, and still others were hurt during on the job accidents or falls. Many of our patients endured the pain for months before seeking the help of a physical medicine professional, not realizing that their back pain symptoms would only worsen, not improve, with time.

With such a varied number of reasons for back pain, it is important that we first determine the root of your pain in order to offer the best care possible. After a thorough examination, our team of back pain specialists will create a treatment plan specific to your needs. Physical medicine techniques we use may include chiropractic adjustments, spinal decompression, physical therapy, and/or massage therapy. We can also help you make small changes to your lifestyle that can improve posture and help alleviate back pain.

Not only can our experienced professionals treat your existing back pain, but also we are adept at back pain prevention. The strength and balance patients gain during physical therapy sessions, the proper alignment achieved with chiropractic adjustments, and the lengthening of the spine through spinal decompression sessions, all work to keep a patient’s spine and soft tissues of the back resilient and more able to withstand aging, injury or falls.

Routine physical medicine care is key in back pain prevention, and whether you are living with chronic back pain, or want to maintain good spinal health, our clinic is the leader in back pain prevention and care.

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