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Pain Management Without Drugs

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With the overwhelming number of American taking narcotics on a daily basis to manage painful symptoms, it is no wonder that many folks are seeking help from physical medicine clinics. Physical medicine care is extensively recognized as one of the safest, natural, effective, drug-free techniques used to treat chronic pain. 

Recent studies show that 70 percent of Americans are using prescribed pain medication. With seven in ten folks taking narcotics for chronic pain, it is not surprising that a number of those patients inadvertently become addicted to the medications. And millions of people die each year from accidental prescription drug overdose.

Patients are realizing now more than ever that prescription medications are not always the answer to chronic pain, and that pain prevention is critical in maintaining a long, healthy life.

At our clinic, we specialize in both alleviating a patient’s chronic pain symptoms, and providing physical medicine techniques that can help prevent future injury that will lead to chronic pain.

At your initial consult, we will provide a thorough examination to determine the root of your symptoms. If needed, we can perform diagnostic assessments on site to ensure we get a clear picture of your overall health. Once we have had a chance to evaluate your symptoms, there are a number of physical medicine techniques we might use:

– Spinal decompression is used to gently lengthen and reposition bulging discs.

– Chiropractic adjustments are used to regain proper spinal alignment.

– Physical therapy is used to strengthen soft tissues and increase flexibility and balance.

– Trigger point injections are used to alleviate painful muscle knots and soft tissues injury.

– Massage therapy is used to soften and elongate stressed soft tissues.

Our safe, effective techniques provide alternatives to managing pain with prescription drugs. We will team with you to ensure there is a smooth transition as you stop taking narcotics, and begin healing your body with a more natural approach.

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