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Trigger Point Injections


When your body is in a relaxed position, your muscles should feel pliable and springy. As you push on a resting muscle, you should feel it give to the pressure and then release… the muscle should not feel like a hard brick or golf ball under the skin!

Muscles that are damaged or overworked can become so stressed that they actually lose the ability to relax. This continuous tightening and constant spasm of the muscle bands can form painful knots, also known as Trigger Points. Trigger Points feel like a bulge or lump under the skin, and result in pain in the immediate area, pain in surrounding areas, muscle weakness and limited mobility. Trigger Points most often develop in the neck, shoulder, and upper and lower back areas.

Our clinic understands how debilitating Trigger Points are, but we also know how successfully they can be healed with the right treatment. Unlike other muscle spasms, the tension associated with Trigger Points is not easily released through stretching, massage therapy or ultra sound treatments. Our specialists use Sarapin Injections to relax a knotted muscle and bring pain relief to the injured area.

Sarapin Injections offer patients a natural and safe approach to healing damaged muscles. The Sarapin substance comes from the nectar of the commonly-known Pitcher Plant, a plant often recognized for its healing qualities. This organic injection works by stopping the pain signals between the injured muscle and the nerves. By stopping these signals among the sensory nerves, the damaged muscle stops its spasm. The muscle is able to rest and relax, allowing the soft tissue a chance to heal.

Are There Side Effects To Sarapin Injections?

This is a question that many of our patients ask us. Through the use of Sarapin Injections, our clinic is providing pain relief without painful steroid injections. Unlike cortisone shots, our Sarapin treatments produce no adverse side effects, and studies show the Sarapin only interacts with the sensory nerves, ensuring there are no effects on the body’s motor nerves. In fact, Sarapin is considered so safe for patients that medical professionals can prescribe the substance to be taken by mouth to aid in treating digestive conditions. If you have any further questions about Sarapin Injections, please consult the professionals at Platinum Healthcare Physical Medicine, PLLC.

Our patients experience great results with Sarapin Injections for Trigger Point pain relief. If you’d like to learn more about how Sarapin Injections can relax and release your knotted muscles without side effects, call our office today to schedule FREE consultation with a member of our team.

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