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The Paleo Diet


These days, there are several different options you can choose from for working on weight-loss goals. One that we recommend is the Paleo diet.  The heart of the Paleo diet is cutting out all the foods that are processed and contain harmful chemicals and dyes.  This diet is simple to follow and is great way to cut out foods that can cause inflammation in the body. 

It’s called the Paleo diet because in essence, it means eating the same way that our ancestors did before the creation of modern agriculture.  The great part about the diet is that it cuts out all the modern day processed foods and returns us to eating all natural foods.  This in turn helps to lower the amount of inflammation in our bodies, helps strengthen our joint health, and can help lower chronic pain syndromes in the body.

Here are the MAIN recommendations for eating Paleo:

  1. No grains (refined or otherwise)
  2. No dairy
  3. No processed or refined sugar
  4. Minimal nuts
  5. No preservatives or artificial ingredients
  6. No artificial sweeteners

This might sound difficult at first, but once you focus on all the great foods you can eat, you’ll never feel hungry and you’ll always feel like you’ve eaten enough.

These foods are PALEO FRIENDLY:

  1. All meats, ideally grass fed, free range.
  2. Wild fish and seafood
  3. Vegetables
  4. Eggs
  5. Fruit
  6. Good fats such as avocados, olive and coconut oil

For more information about eating Paleo and what it can do for your health and body, we recommend a book published by LOREN CORDAIN, PH.D called The Paleo Diet. 

The book is full of great information on eating Paleo and the health benefits that come along with the diet.

In addition to recommending the Paleo diet, we have several weight-loss programs available in our office to help jump-start your spring weight-loss goals.

Call the office today for a FREE screening with one of our weight-loss counselors.

Have a wonderful and healthy week!

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